15 tips on how to make schooldays more interesting

15 tips on how to make schooldays more interesting

It was cool on New Year’s holidays, wasn’t it? But here’s school again, endlessly dragging lessons and a bunch of homework. And very, very little free time. Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems?

We have prepared useful tips for you on how to make school days stop being boring and monotonous.
Start your day right

Of course, if you wake up with the thought: “Well, again in the cold and snow to drag yourself to this stupid school,” this mood will haunt you all day. Think better about what a delicious chocolate bar is in your kitchen, where you and your girlfriend will go after school and that it’s time to put on that cool new dress that you bought on the weekend. And also: don’t forget to do some exercises!

  1. Dress up
  2. Buy some cool stationery
  3. Take notes and draw
  4. Find your place in the classroom and don’t worry
  5. Get into character and actively support your legend.
  6. Participate in school activities
  7. Gossip at recess and in the cafeteria
  8. Take delicious food in beautiful lunch boxes
  9. Come up with fun games for change
  10. Don’t delay your homework
  11. Find a common language with teachers
  12. Immerse yourself in your favorite subject
  13. Try to do homework with your friends
  14. Love those you used to hate
  15. Raise important issues

Dress up

If you hate school and everything connected with it, then you probably get up 10 minutes before going out and pull on anything. Even if you have a uniform, you can be a fashionable girl โ€“ there would be a desire ๐Ÿ™‚ Change your attitude to school fifochki who constantly fix their hair, update lip gloss and chat about shopping.

Looking good doesn’t mean being dumb.

When you feel beautiful, your mood immediately rises, others see it and chat with you with pleasure. As a result, everything is positive. Beauty will save the world, in short!

Buy some cool stationery

Notebooks, blocks with colorful leaves, beautiful notebooks, cool pens โ€“ all this will make your everyday life more colorful.

Take notes and draw

It’s time to apply the arsenal of markers, gel pens and markers that you bought for school. Be sure to decorate your notes with stars, hearts and all sorts of funny drawings. Does the nasty teacher not share your love for art? Talk to him about it. If you know the subject perfectly well, then he should not be confused by the hearts in the margins.

Find your place in the classroom and don’t worry

Seriously, just don’t worry about what others think about you. Are you considered a nerd girl or a kid? Cool!

Get into character and actively support your legend.

Nerd, then? And you’re like this when you come to school in cartoon glasses and Grandma’s sweater. Think of school as a theater. That’s just the real thing to learn ๐Ÿ™‚

Participate in school activities

Participate in school activities
High School Students Playing In School Orchestra Together

If you’ve always stayed away from all sorts of theatrical circles, it’s time to change your position. Just try it, and you’ll probably get involved. Surely you have all sorts of talent contests, literary evenings, KVN and so on at your school. You will be able to establish relationships with classmates and just have a cool time. After all, nothing brings you closer than a circle of interests. In addition, you will raise your authority in the eyes of teachers โ€“ they like activists.

Gossip at recess and in the cafeteria

Gossip at recess and in the cafeteria
Two female friends gossip during lunchtime at their middle school.

If someone once told you that gossiping is very, very bad, and all gossips will burn in hell, then he was fundamentally wrong! It’s bad to say nasty things behind your back and be a hypocrite, and discussing Anya’s new hairstyle and Vasya’s personal life with Masha is a sacred thing.

Then coming to school will be akin to watching a new episode of the series.

Just don’t get carried away. There is a very fine line between harmless gossip and interference in someone else’s personal life.

Take delicious food in beautiful lunch boxes

Because delicious food is the key to a good day. There are two options here:

“Ma-a-a-a-am, what are you going to cook for me for school tomorrow?”
Do it yourself.

For culinary geniuses, we have several recipes ๐Ÿ™‚

Come up with fun games for change

No, don’t do your homework at recess! You need to take a break from the lesson, let your brain digest the information received and prepare to absorb the new one โ€“ that’s what the change was invented for. Of course, you can read a book or just sit somewhere in a corner, stuck in the phone. But the coolest thing is to come up with an interesting game together with classmates. Maybe not with the whole class, but at least with a few great guys.

Don’t delay your homework

It’s time to finally understand the concepts of “time management” and “procrastination”. Time management is a technology for the correct allocation of time. Simply put, “how to do all the lessons and survive.” And procrastination is a bad habit of doing things that are completely irrelevant at the moment instead of getting down to business. For example, by tomorrow you need to solve 10 algebra problems, but you are ready to do anything rather than sit down for lessons: clean the room, go for milk, change the light bulb…

Overpower yourself, do the job โ€“ and you’re free. Conscience is clear, homework is ready โ€“ you can walk!

Find a common language with teachers

Often there are very interesting people among them who will be able to give you not only knowledge about their subject, but also something vital.

Immerse yourself in your favorite subject

You hate bringing fractions to a common denominator, but have you read everything and even more from the list of school literature? And have you even scrolled through all the theses of your future essays in your head? It cannot be that there is not a single subject of interest to you at school! Listen to yourself, understand what the soul is for, and immerse yourself in this subject with your head. And if you are already in the 10th-11th grade, then you just have to figure out your preferences.

The sooner you understand what you are really interested in, the less risk there is of making a mistake with your future profession.

Try to do homework with your friends

Go to each other’s houses or gather in the school cafeteria to work together to solve algebra problems or prepare for a biology test. It’s easier and more fun together. Of course, if you manage to concentrate ๐Ÿ™‚ And if you are not particularly lucky with creative teachers, you can develop your own learning system. For example, to put on a play at your house on one of the topics of a history textbook.

Love those you used to hate

It is very useful to try to establish communication with people who are unpleasant to you. Become a peacemaker, raise the white flag and invite your enemies to go to the ice rink or to the cinema together. Perhaps nothing good will come of it, but there is always a chance that you will become friends! You will be more happy to go to school, knowing that one big family is waiting for you there. There is a truth and one minus hereโ€ฆ At graduation, you will cry excitedly.

Raise important issues

A lot of good and bad things happen at school. Harassment by classmates and even teachers, harassmentโ€ฆ I would like to remind you once again: if something is wrong, do not be silent, speak, act. Only you can change everything!

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