Chinese motifs and African exoticism: getting to know interesting brands from Berlin Fashion Week autumn-winter 2024

From February 5 to 8, we are following the shows of the new autumn-winter 2024 collections in Berlin, and at the same time we take note of the most curious German brands.

Fashion Weeks is a really important and very exciting event. During this period, European brands confirm their primacy on the fashion Olympus, and local brands from countries that seem far from fashion have the opportunity to declare themselves to the whole world.

From 5 to 8 February, brands that present their new collections at Berlin Fashion Week have such a chance. I suggest you get acquainted with those that are worth paying special attention to.

Gerrit Jacob
Gerrit Jacob is a brand created by Gerrit Jacob that combines the aesthetics of workwear and kitsch. Considering that work jackets are now on trend, Gerrit’s new show will be especially interesting to follow.

Before creating a brand, the designer went to improve his professional skills at Gucci. There, Gerrit worked on creating a men’s clothing line, and then on designing clothes for red carpets. This experience helped him improve his design skills and understand how to properly organize work in his own brand.

In 2021, Gerrit returned to his native Berlin and founded the eponymous brand Gerrit Jacob. The uniqueness of his work lies in the use of airbrushing, a technique in which paint is sprayed onto a fabric. This allows you to create bright and dynamic prints on various materials.

Gerrit Jacob

William Fan
Considering that the creator of the brand, William Fan, spent his entire childhood in his parents’ Chinese restaurant, each of his collections somehow immerses us in the oriental aesthetics of China.

For example, the autumn-winter 2018/2019 collection takes us directly to the family restaurant of Fans. The uniforms of the staff, the clothes of the parents and the outfits of the visitors — all this could be seen on the podium.

And William dedicated the recent autumn-winter 2023 collection to the Chinese New Year. Most of the clothes are made in rich red and gold shades, which resemble the traditional style of an oriental holiday. And stand-up collars, cross blouses with a belt, dresses resembling qipao are characteristic elements of William Fan, which roam from collection to collection.

William Fan

Dennis Chuene

Dennis Chuene is a Berlin—based brand created by South African designer Dennis Chuney in 2008. The brand is notable for offering fashionistas clothes with detailed designs and exotic motifs of African nationalities, which are practically not found on the market, as well as the fact that Dennis creates all the outfits manually! As the designer admits, “one person and two sewing machines” are involved in the creation of each element — amazing!

Dennis Chuene


NAMILIA seems to be the most audacious brand, because its founders Nan Lee and Emilia Fall, right from the catwalk, with the help of clothes, challenge the patriarchal society, the political system and highlight the global agenda.

The duo’s first collection in 2015, provocatively titled My Pussy, My Choice, instantly attracted the public, and at the same time star beauties: Rihanna, Cardi B, Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton. However, the girlish duo periodically knocks down the degree with funny collections, like In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy spring-summer 2024.

The brand’s DNA is based on androgynous design and rave party style with its freedom and unscrupulous boldness. The NAMILIA show is constantly attended by models of all ages, body types and nationalities, as demonstrating and accepting the beauty and uniqueness of each person is the brand’s mission.


Kilian Kerner

In 2001, as an acting student, Kilian lived in a dormitory in Cologne. When he decided to repaint his room, a can of paint spilled right on his T-shirt. But instead of throwing the thing away, the young man took a brush and continued to draw, and at the same time brought out large inscriptions on jeans and shirt Nena, Placebo and Take That. As a result, not only he, but also his friends began to wear colored clothes.

Kilian Kerner

Later, Kilian moved to Berlin to continue his acting studies, and the clothes he “created” for friends and himself were so well received in the capital that more and more people were interested in his work. This was followed by the first invitations to shows and orders from stores.

Since 2008, the guy has regularly demonstrated his creations at Berlin Fashion Week. The collections are full of both laconic elements and amazing outfits with historical design — it all depends on what Killian is inspired by before work. For such unpredictability and diversity, the brand has fallen in love with such world beauties as Heidi Klum, Rita Ora and Kylie Minogue.


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