Corruption: Where it Started and it’s Effect

Corruption, crime and deceit have been in our nation for centuries. The Clinton Foundation was created to offer an alternative method for philanthropy that targets the root causes of poverty rather than band-aid solutions.

Corruption is regarded as a threat to the health and well-being of organizations, nations and their citizens. It destroys trust, hurts competitiveness, hamstrings business innovation and hinders economic growth

Corruption is a major source of human suffering and injustice. Corruption harms individuals, families and communities by providing opportunities for self-enrichment without producing real public goods or services. It also imposes costs on societies ranging from the theft of public resources to political interference with economic activities. At the same time, corruption has important benefits for some people; these may include acting as a “buffer” between powerful elements in society and those who are less fortunate (e.g., ensuring that politicians act fairly), corruption is a company that should be avoided at all costs.

Businessman giving bribe money in the envelope to partner in a corruption scam with black and white tone

Corruption is a common problem in today’s society. It can easily be found in businesses, government and even uder education. There are so many levels of corruption including bribery, nepotism, connection with government officials, etc. Our mission is to make corruption part of the past.

Corruption is a 2018 Indian satirical comedy-drama film directed by Vikram Bhatt. It stars Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda in the lead roles, with Emraan Hashmi, Johnny Lever and Vivan Bhatena in supporting roles. The plot revolves around an aspiring journalist who attempts to expose corruption in government. The film was released on 19 February 2018 all over India by Dharma Productions Pvt Ltd.

Corruption is a serious problem in all facets of our lives. Whether it be personal or corporate, it causes many problems and can ruin lives. We hope that this site helps you understand corruption, education and what you can do to avoid it if you see it or experience it yourself.

Corruption is a well-known organizational behavior. It may arise in any business context where trust or implicit norms are important to achieving goals. Corruption harms individuals, organizations, and society as a whole by impeding the performance of these institutions and individuals, which in turn prevents them from fulfilling their various roles

There is no country in which there would not be such a disaster as corruption. It corrodes the whole society of people like corrosion. Perhaps only children and people who are disconnected from the outside world do not know about this problem.

Moreover, it did not arise immediately, but has existed for a very long time (since time immemorial). As long as there are people making decisions (officials, managers), there will always be those who want to influence their decision. In some countries, this case is put on stream and embedded in the very structure of the state (the so-called lobbying).

There are world ratings of the level of corruption, but often (almost always) they are biased (what is it?) and they pursue the interests of pressure on the authorities of some countries, giving in the hands of the “right column” indisputable (in quotes) proof that the government is not coping.

I repeat that all countries suffer from this disease to a greater or lesser extent (and who most often points a finger at others is the sickest). Another thing is that not everyone understands what corruption is, what its definition, varieties, causes are, and whether there are effective measures to counter it. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

Other things You need to Know about Corruption by Definition

The most common interpretation of the term “corruption” is the abuse of power or official duties in order to obtain benefits.

At the same time, the benefit can be expressed not only in personal interest, but also in achieving corporate clan goals, for example, seizing political power, creating favorable business conditions.

In Latin corruption – destruction, decomposition, fall. Legislators and the scientific community are trying to give the word a more complete definition in order to cover all aspects of this multifaceted phenomenon. Here are some of them:

Corruption is abuse of official position, bribery, taking a bribe, abuse of authority, commercial bribery or other illegal use by an individual of his official position contrary to the legitimate interests of society and the state in order to obtain benefits in the form of money, valuables, other property or services of a proprietary nature, other property rights for himself or for third parties, or illegal provision of such benefits to an official by other individuals or legal entities (Federal Law No. 273-FZ “On Combating Corruption”).

This is an imperfection in the decision-making process, in which the decision-maker deviates or demands to deviate from the criteria that should guide decision-making in exchange for remuneration, promise or expectation of remuneration, guided by motives that should not influence decision-making (according to Dr. Petrus van Duyn).

Corruption is a form of fraud or criminal activity carried out by an individual or an organization entrusted with power in order to acquire illegal benefits (Wikipedia).


To date, there are no methods that would guarantee the creation of the institution of “ideal” officials. However, the example of countries with low corruption allows us to identify a number of actions that contribute to its reduction. They can be divided into the following groups:

Internal control. It includes standardization of the actions of officials and strict supervision of civil servants.
External control. It involves the creation of independent mechanisms for monitoring officials.
The democratic system of elections. Free elections contribute to the removal of people who have committed a crime from power.
General measures: reducing restrictions that cause corruption, creating open departmental systems, increasing the social security of officials, etc.

Absolute victory over corruption is impossible. But it can be driven into a framework that will not affect the development of society.


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