Dice 2023: Facts about the New Nollywood Movie

Dice 2023: Facts about the New Nollywood Movie

The Month of May has been brightened with the release of Dice movie on the 5th of May 2023. The drama which is set to be action packed left many people in awe during the premiere. In fact, it is a masterpiece that will raise the bar of Nollywood films across the world.

To say a few without hype, we have done a thorough analysis on the movie and we are here with basic facts about the New movie “Dice”. Still new to many, feasible facts about the Drama, is that, it is only available in Cinema at the time of writing this post. However, follow through to learn a few things about the Movie.

Dice Movie High Quality Picture

Dice 2023 Movie Facts

Fact 1: Who is the director of Dice 2023? : The movie was directed by Marc Adebesin and AJ Fashina. A popular say, states that two good heads are better than One. It is no sweet-saying that the movie is world-class because it was directed by two powerhouse directors.

Fact 2: Who are the Movie Stars and their roles?: Ademola Adedoyin who played Adebola Johson (main actor – AJ), Allwell Ademola who played Bala’s Wife and Woli Arole who played Vendor. Other Top casts of the movie are;

  • Femi Branch: He played Priest
  • Daniel Etim Effiong: He played Bala
  • Dinah Githinji: She played Ruth’s Mum
  • Efe Irele: She played Amaka
  • Ani Iyoho: He played Gangster
  • Ayo Mogaji: She played AJ’s Mother
  • Ben Moore: he played Doctor
  • Bolanle Ninalowo: played Emeka
  • Broda Shaggi: played Efcd Oficer
  • Gbenga Titiloye: played Mr. Abubakar
  • Brenda Wairimu: played Ruth

Facts 3: Who produced dice 2023 Movie?: Marc Adebesin, Loice Konga and AJ Fashina who is also the executive producer of the production.

Facts 4: What was the movie shot?: The movies was shot in Lagos Nigeria, Nairobi Kenya, Monbasa Kenya and other Nigeria locations.

The General take away fact: This movie features car racing, features has scenes, emotional moments, cheating and catching scenes. together with disappointment state and lot more.

FAQ: Where can you download Dice 2023?: There is currently no official website to download the movies, however the movies will be available in Cinemas.

The rating of the movie can be checked on www.imdb.com

You can View the Trailer Below

Dice Synopisis

DICE tells the story of AJ, a young, nerdy and smart stockbroker who moved to Lagos from London at the

age of 10. He has been working at Abubakar Investments for several years and has become very successful

at closing sales deals and making ‘little’ commission from them.

AJ is perceived to have a dual personality; one he exhibits at work as a young naïve and nerdy individual

and the other outside work as an extrovert. At work, his colleagues Emeka and Bala often throw shade at

him and bully him because they find him extremely boring and simple.

They also find him slow because of his inability to stand up for himself and demand for his rightful 3% commission.
unkwnow to them AJ has a good life outside of work as he often hangs out at the club with his best

friend Segun, both are serial ladies men.

Emeka & Bala are aware that Mr Abubakar constantly cheats him off his commission, but are unaware that he

has taken matters into his own hands by using clients’ funds to engage in side hustles beneficial to him. This

side hustling however gets him in trouble when he loses a client’s money and has to borrow money from a

gangster which he fails to pay back on time.

His external deals also lead to the company being investigated by EFFD as several holes have been spotted in

the company’s financials. Having had bad luck with ladies in the past, AJ finally finds love in the weirdest place

when he meets Amaka and finds himself having to fight for the woman of his dreams who he also puts in


Let us know your thoughts about the movie.

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