Is Elma Mbadiwe related to joke Silva?


Since the release of “Far From Home” by Netflix, there has been a question around a possible relationship between Elma Mbadiwe who acted as carmen Wilmer-willoughby and Joke Silva, a Nollywood living Legend who is also the wife of Mr Olu Jacobbs. I am obviously a victim of this, cause i asked myself the same question throughout the minutes between my eyes and my laptop screen.

If you are seeing this article, be rest assured that you are not the only one with this question. In fact, based on my researches, Elma Mbadiwe has been questioned several times about being the daughter of the popular Nigeria actress. It was so funny that she had to ask the question on Twitter of a possible resemblance with Joke Silva. See the Tweet below.


  • Does Elma Mbadiwe ressembles joke Silva?

Answer: Yes

  • Is Elma Mbadiwe related to joke Silva?

Answer: No

Fact 1.

The Two actresses are from different parts of Nigeria, Joke Silver is from Lagos State Nigeria, Blessed with two Children.  While Elma Mbadiwe ails from Imo state

Fact 2.

Joke’s Name reflects Yoruba tribe while Elma’s name reflects Igbo tribe.

Fact 3.

Joke has two children Olusoji jacobs (a lady) and Olugbenga jacobs (a Guy).

Joke and Elma’s Picture



I hope i am able to answer your questions?. Kindly let me know what you feel and drop your fact too.

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