Ferit will sleep with Seiran, and Nevra will try to kill her: all spoilers for the new series of "Kingfisher"

Ferit will sleep with Seiran, and Nevra will try to kill her: all spoilers for the new series of “Kingfisher”

All those who hoped that Nevra would leave the project, prepare for the worst. The girl whom Ferrite wanted to use in order to open his store is preparing to play a dirty game. Turkish insiders claim that the writers of “Kingfisher” are going to draw a parallel with the fate of the main character at the end of the first season. And if you’ve watched it carefully, you’ve already figured out what its meaning will be.

It is rumored that the wife of the younger Korhan will get into an accident, fortunately, without a fatal outcome. And this “accident” will be the work of a charming newcomer from the caste, who does not intend to give Ferit to a rival. There is a high probability that Nevra will become obsessed with the guy, therefore she will decide to get him at any cost 😦

Ferit will sleep with Seiran, and Nevra

The most interesting thing is that all this will develop against the background of another entertaining story. The fact is that Akin, who is now courting Seyran, may turn out to be the groom of a rich girl. She told me that they wanted to marry her to a guy who studied to be a doctor in Italy, but she did not want to get married, because he never received her consent. Only now the new boyfriend of Ferit’s wife is no longer interested in the hand and heart of Nevra, because he liked the green-eyed main character.

Nevertheless, Akin will not behave meanly, but will turn out to be a purely positive hero who will support both Seyran and Kazim during his recovery from the attack. By the way, he will not put pressure on the girl either because of his nobility 😌

The fate of Suna is also of particular interest, because in the last episode, the creators of “Kingfisher” clearly made it clear to us that the elder Sanla is literally going crazy. There is a suspicion that the matter is in the drink that she drank from the fortune teller. Most likely, something was mixed into it according to the covenant of Ifakat khanim. Of course, obsessive thoughts about Ferita will become a serious problem for the girl’s marriage with Kaya, because she will increasingly distance herself from her husband. But still, there is hope that this will be a dark streak before the start of a light one. After all, they have been writing on the Web for a long time that Suna will still be happy with her husband 🤔

Ferit will sleep with Seiran, and Nevra

By the way, the effect of the kiss in the car between Seyran and Ferit, which will be a spontaneous gift for the couple’s fans, will make itself felt. Already in episode 59, we are promised that husband and wife will retire, so we can expect a scene with a rating of 18+ 😉

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