Xo, Kitty: 5 reasons not to miss the spin-off movies of "To All the Boys I've Loved Before"

Xo, Kitty: 5 reasons not to miss the spin-off movies of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

For fans of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” the wait is finally over: the franchise spin-off titled “Xo, Kitty” is finally ready, two years after its announcement! Now the main protagonist of the story will be Kitty, Lara Jean’s younger sister and a fan favorite, who enters an important phase in her life: she starts high school, where she will experience many ups and downs. So, why should you not miss Kitty’s adventures? Below you’ll find 5 reasons that are definitely worth noting 😉

“Youngest sister Lara Jean goes to South Korea to study at school with her boyfriend… Yes, yes, it’s not fan fiction but a full-fledged series from Netflix!; Let’s go on Xo, Kitty

🌺 Interesting Plot

Kitty, the younger sister of Lara Jean Covey, embarks on a daring act: she leaves her home in Portland, USA, and travels to Seoul, South Korea, to reunite with her boyfriend, Dave, with whom she had a long-distance relationship. She gets accepted into the international school called Xo. Kitty was confident that she had it all figured out because she believes she knows everything about love, but! Maybe she’s the perfect matchmaker and advisor for others, but how will she handle her own personal life and studies in a new country among completely unfamiliar people?

Jenny Han, the author of the “To All the Boys” books, co-showrunner and executive producer of the spin-off, describes Kitty’s story as follows: “We all fell in love with Lara Jean and her story. So we thought the greatest gift for Kitty would be to let her as a character stand on her own instead of keeping her in the shadow of her sisters.”

🌺 Beautiful Cast

Beautiful Cast

The charming Anna Cathcart will once again play the lead role as Kitty. South Korean actor Choi Min-yeon, whom you may know from the drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One,” will portray the character Dave. Previously, this role was played by John Ambrose McClaren, who recently participated in the talent show MNET Boys Planet.

It is already known that the cast will include performers of several classmates’ roles: Gia Kim (Yuri), San Hon Lee (Minho), Anthony Kevan (Q), Peter Turnwald (Alex), Jocelyn Shelfo (Madison), and Rigan Aliya (Juliana). The adult actors we will see in the series are Yoonjin Kim (Gina) and Michael C. Lee (Professor Lee).

🌺 Atmosphere of K-dramas

Atmosphere of K-dramas

Let’s not forget where Kitty’s adventures unfold – in the land of dramas and K-pop, South Korea! The heroine will dive into a world where everything happens according to different rules, and she will have to strive for love, success, and friends all over again. Judging by the trailer and additional materials, it can be confidently said that we can expect drama, beautiful views of Seoul, intrigues, and plenty of charming humor, without which it would be very difficult to imagine Kitty’s story!

🌺 Characters’ Style

You can be sure that the spin-off of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” will not disappoint fans of the previous movies‘ style: based on the excerpts and trailers, we can conclude that we will see bright and unusual outfits for both Kitty and other characters. We can only speculate about the trends we will see in the series and the trends it will generate. It is especially worth noting the boldness of the main character’s appearance: the girl is clearly not afraid of experiments!

🌺 High School Romance

High School Romance

Graduation season is approaching, so those who have long since left school will be able to immerse themselves in memories of how it was… fun! Yes, it was sometimes sad and difficult, but the time was great! However, Kitty’s story in her dream school will not always be smooth sailing: almost immediately after her arrival, she learns that her boyfriend Dave has been dating another girl all this time! And Minho, the cool-headed classmate of Kitty, never misses an opportunity to taunt… It’s interesting to see if we’ll see anything resembling love triangles from Korean dramas. We’ll find out after the premiere!

The premiere of “Xo, Kitty” will take place on the Netflix platform tomorrow, May 18, 2023.” Check the reviews on IMDB

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