Wildfire hits Hawaii, Kills Over 60 people

Natural Disaster: Wildfire hits Hawaii, Kills Over 60 people

After the wildfire burst that Hawaii had in 2018, exactly five years later, they are experiencing what seem to the the deadliest natural disaster they’ve ever had. Recall that weatherboy in May 1st reported the extreme shaking of certain places in the state.

BBC News reported that about 67 people has been confirmed dead from the natural disaster and many reported missing. This means that death troll could reach hundred as time goes on.

According to the information we gathered, the wildfire is so big that billion dollars worth of properties were destroyed. In facts, the disaster has dropped up loads of fear in the heart of people around the area. It was so bad that some of the rescue teams aren’t allowed to access certain areas affected because of the uncertainty around the event.

Report showed that many of the survivors barely escaped as they witness the start of the fire. In fact, some claimed that, they jumped inside close by water bodies to prevent the attack of the fire on them. Some of these people have lost their properties to the disaster while the ones that still have their properties intact are reluctant to return to them.

The decision of these set of people is understandable, because there is nothing more valuable than human life, bot even a trillion dollars. Fortunately for them, the state officials made shelters available to the survived victims. Approximately six shelters in operation is being made available.

When did the Fire in Hawaii’s Maui island and Big Island Started?

The Wildfire started on Tuesday night (8th of August 2023).


What was the cause of the Wildfire?

There is no specific answer to this question yet. However, it is believed that the dry weather and Hurricane most have fueled the fire.

Is this the biggest natural disaster that Hawaii has seen?

Recall that On April 1st, 1946, precisely 77 years ago, Hilo and the nearby coastline experienced the most catastrophic tsunami in modern Hawaiian history. This event resulted in a tragic loss of 158 lives. This events have been followed by different disasters that has claimed several lives and properties.

In fact, USGS.gov, claimed that the state is faced with thousands of earthquakes yearly. Even though some of these earthquakes are limited to ground shaking and doesn’t necessarily cause the fall of buildings and overturn of soil, they are still very much scary and it’s due to volcanic eruptions.

However, this wildfire could be one of the biggest disaster the state has faced, if not the biggest. Already, it has been recorded to be the deadliest the state as seen, owing to the aftermath of the event and based on the uncertainty of the actual figure of the casualties, and also based on the number of properties lost.

Recall that earlier in this article, we stated that several billions of dollars will be needed to return the physical state of the affected areas. In fact, aside the huge money needed. loads of years will be wasted. Another reason to this is the possibilities of the victims being unable to locate their properties locations.

Is there plans to help the Victim recover what’s lost?

As of now, the state officials and the United State of America hasn’t officially spoken about how they will help the victims recover what was lost. However, this shouldn’t be an issue because most of the dwellers are very wealthy. In fact Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos has properties on the Island, he and his partner has already pledge about One hundred million dollars to help the victims.

Subsequently, we will see several organizations, countries, states and well known personnel throwing helping hands at these people. This is the beauty of humanity.

Why always Hawaii?

Hawaii is vulnerable to natural disaster and wildfires Because of its remote position in the Pacific Ocean and the concentration of development along its low-lying shores, Hawaii’s coastal towns are especially susceptible to the effects of hurricanes, tsunamis, and other coastal disasters.

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Another factor is the poor agricultural practices in the state, which give room to hurricanes, tsunamis, flash flooding, and earthquakes; the major disaster in the place. Well we can say that, this is the reward of industrialization and poor approach to climatic condition of an environment.

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