List of secondary schools in Ikere Ekiti.

List of secondary schools in Ikere Ekiti.

Education is the best legacy you can ever give your children, or that you can ever receive from your parents. Education is the acquisition of knowledge, and this is very easy to get. The only little difficulty is the platform, the location and the environment in which you receive the knowledge. All these factors will either positively or negatively impact your level of acquired academic knowledge. In this Article we will be supplying you with the List of Secondary Schools and High schools in Ikere Ekiti.

List of secondary schools in Ikere Ekiti.
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There are public schools, also known as government schools. We also have private schools. The general mindset of the public is that private sector, dispenses the needed knowledge effectively to the students more than the government schools. This is because they have higher tuition fee than the public schools and more potentially fit tutors(teachers). In fact, any private sector will daily, weekly, monthly and always access the performance of the students and the teachers. However, this is not totally the case with public schools. Okay now, let’s dive into the lists..

Here is the list of Public secondary schools in Ikere Ekiti in no specific order.

1. St Louis secondary school. (Girls only school).
2. Amoye Grammar School. (Both boys and girls)
3. Announciation Secondary School. (Boys only school)
4. Comprehensive High School. Also known as Compro (Both boys and girls).
5. Ikere High School. (Both boys and girls)
6. Eleyo High School (Both Boys and girls)
7. Irepodun

Locating Each Government secondary school with Addresses closer to sectors on Google map.

St Louis Grammar School is situated along Ado road. it is the first school you’ll see while leaving Ikere borders.
Announciation is situated very close to st Louis, the two schools both share fences. They sit side by side with each other.
Comprehensive High School is situated in front of Announciation. Compro sit on the opposite side of Annco.
Amoye; unlike the other three schools that share the same region. Amoye sits on the other extreme side of Ikere. it’s the only government school you’ll see along Akure road.
Eleyo is planted in Anaye, BUESTI road. It’s also beside the main road.

Add the schools you think should be on this list.x

Unlike Public Schools, there are fewer private schools in Ikere Ekiti.

Here is the List of Private schools in Ikere Ekiti;

1. Demonstration Secondary School (BUESTI sec: Boys and girls)
2. Distinction Secondary School (Boys and Girls)
3. Davic British School (Boys and girls)
4. Prince and Princess Secondary School (Boys and girls)

Demonstration is situated in Oke Osun close to Winners Chapel in Oke Osun. It’s not located on the main road.
Davic British School is at the extreme end of Ikere along Akure road. its safe to say it’s the closest Ekiti school to Ondo state.
Distinction: No full details of it’s location yet.
Prince and Princess; is located along Ikere-Akure road. The school stands between Amoye and Davic British School.

Basic FAQs

1. Which school is the best in Ikere Ekiti, both Private and public category?
Answer: Demonstration.
Demonstration has showed loads of potential home and abroad. The citadel of learning has won Campbell competition before. With other loads of awards and scholarships home and abroad. In fact, a Student of the school named Makinde Seun was one of the best 4 NECO students in Nigeria in 2014.

2. Which school is the most populated in Ikere Ekiti.
Answer: Comprehensive High School.

3. What’s the name of the best Public school in the Town?
Answer: St Louis Grammar School.

4. The most beautiful school in Ikere

Answer: Davic British

5. Which school has the largest land mass in the Town.
Answer: Compró

Other facts: Demonstration is the best place to take your Children, but the truth of the matter is that, the school tuition fee is huge. You have to be financially okay to take your kids there or go there as a student.

St Louis Grammar School is also a joy to to behold, in terms of beauty and school of learning. Its The costliest public school in Ikere. Infact, it’s compulsory for all the senior class students to be in the boarding section to ensure their academic improvement. As much as this is good. It also attracts more funds. Another limitation is that, the citadel of learning is Girls only school. blocking the chances of possible admission to male students.

We believe we’ve served you right. Kindly drop a comment about your take on this write up.

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