Soviet Sleeping Beauty, What was the first thing the woman who slept for 20 years asked

Soviet Sleeping Beauty: What was the first thing the woman who slept for 20 years asked?

The phenomenon of Nadezhda Lebedina was known by everyone. It may sound like a joke, but this woman slept for 20 years! Lebedina fell asleep in 1954 and woke up not in the morning like most people on Earth, but in 1974. By the way, this terrifying record remains unbroken.

Unfortunately, it didn’t bring happiness to the record holder either. To miss 20 precious years of one’s own life is a tremendous sorrow and a huge loss when you think about it.

So, what did Nadezhda Lebedina do once she woke up? The answer may surprise many. The first question she asked after waking up was about her mother’s well-being. As it turned out, the elderly woman had taken care of her sleeping daughter for many years but did not live to see her awake.

The news deeply wounded Lebedina, to the point that she ended up in a clinic for nervous disorders shortly after awakening – the news of her mother’s death had destabilized her to such an extent.

Almost immediately, another blow struck the woman. During the 20 years of her lethargic sleep, Nadezhda had hardly changed externally: she did not wake up or age. However, the effects of aging caught up with her almost immediately after awakening.

Old age caught up with Lebedina in a matter of weeks. So, the horrifying prolonged sleep not only stole years of her life but also took away her former beauty, as reported by the portal “Rambler/Women’s.”

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