The best single-player PC Games of the last decade: 16 RPG game

Igroprom has been replenished with really good single-user projects over the past 10-15 years. We decided to put together a huge collection for you, where the best single-player games on PC are presented, among which representatives of various genres and directions. This is not the TOP PC games for one player, but just a large selection of excellent projects. We have collected the most interesting and the best of the best PC games of the last decade in our opinion.

The best single-player PC games of the last decade, in the RPG genre

In our list there are both the best and just good PC games that can really drag players for long hours of time. All those who love the best story games should be satisfied with the list and definitely will not ask themselves in the near future what to play on the PC.

Days Gone

Days Gone Games

Each author of the post-apocalyptic scenario has his own vision of the catastrophe that occurred. The developers of Bend Studio decided to present us with their own version of the zombie apocalypse. The player takes control of the biker Deacon St. John, who, paired with his best friend Bukhar, who also happens to be his brother, travels around Oregon and rescues survivors. Along the way, the main character finds out where the infection that turned most of the people into freaks came from, and also tries to find his wife, who disappeared, and possibly died.

The gameplay is quite entertaining. The map in Days Gone is large. Basically, this is a mountainous area, which is represented by six locations: Belknap, Iron Butte, Lost Lake, Crater Lake, Route 97 and Cascades. Each location is inhabited by a certain number of hordes, and also has several infected zones.

Freaks have their own behavior. It would be incorrect to consider them ordinary zombies, since their digestive system works quite normally, otherwise where would they get raw materials for their nests, and some of them mutated into more advanced species, while receiving some semblance of intelligence. Depending on the complexity of the game chosen by the player, obstacles, of which there will be a sufficient number, will be overcome at one speed or another.

If you fully complete the game, perform all side tasks, pay attention to those resources that are literally under your feet, then you will not need ammunition or weapons.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Game

The fifth part of the ancient scrolls sends the player to the province of Skyrim. This is a cold and harsh land ruled by eternal winter. But, by the time the main character arrives at the place, it turns out that the dragons are resurrected and are being selected from their graves, by the way — the protagonist is Dovakin. During the same period, the country is torn apart by a civil war, and many factions are trying to take advantage of it.

After the prologue, you are free to do whatever you want. You can follow the plot, or you can start a free exploration of a New World. Pumping the hero takes place in the best traditions of Bethesda. The most interesting thing is that no matter what you do in Skyrim, you can get experience for all your actions. Each action pumps a certain skill. The skill of hacking, if you often use lock picks, or the skill of stealth, if you are used to moving in a half-crouch.

There are many factions in Skyrim. You can join any of them, and it will not harm the rest of the factions. The exceptions are werewolves and vampires. Tasks for each faction have their own quest line, so do not be surprised if suddenly, at the end of the quest, you become the head of this group. Battles take place in various formats. For long—range attacks, you can use a bow, for short-range attacks – a sword and a shield, but if you don’t like brute force, you can use spells.

Magic attacks in the game are on par with the usual ones. This means that, pumping your character as a magician, you can be sure that his strength and defense will be exactly the same as that of a heavily armed warrior. Modders are tirelessly working on modifications for the game, which is more than 10 years old. Thus, they diversify the gameplay, allowing you to look at Skyrim from a different angle.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Another amazing single-player RPG with an incredible story that tells about the adventures of the witcher Geralt. CD Projekt Red managed to breathe life into the work of Andrzej Sapkowski “The Witcher”. You can play it forever.

The third part begins with Geralt going in search of his adopted daughter Cirilla. The girl has extraordinary abilities, which is why a Wild Hunt has been declared for her. Since the player gets an already formed character, you will only need to upgrade his abilities. The Witcher also uses magical signs that can be used with great effectiveness in battle.

Geralt always has two blades behind his back — silver for monsters, steel for ordinary animals and people. You can also use a crossbow. However, it is worth saying that it brings the greatest benefit under water, since its damage is minimal on the surface, but it will help to knock flying small creatures like harpies to the ground, where it will not be difficult to finish them off completely.

In addition to the main storyline, the player can complete a line of additional quests, which, by the way, can affect the main plot. The game was not without a romantic line. Geralt can enter into a close relationship with any girl who meets on his way, if certain conditions are met, or chooses a certain line in the dialogue. But the main lines of romantic relationships will only be between Geralt, Triss and Yennefer. In the end, the Witcher will have to choose who he will be with. All the storylines in the game are harmoniously combined with a dynamic plot and a comedic component. Note that it is included in our top: the best PC games of all time.

If it was the TOP PC games, then The Witcher would definitely be in the top five.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4

The post-apocalyptic single-player role-playing game Fallout 4 takes us to a world that was destroyed by a nuclear war. The main character is looking for his missing son, who was abducted right from the shelter. The search for chad leads the protagonist to the most unexpected places, and the outcome of his journey can be known only at the very end.

This time, the former Boston acts as a Wasteland — now this region is called the Commonwealth. Mutants, raiders and factions have settled on its expanses, which are at war with both the first two representatives and with each other. Choosing one of the parties, you need to understand that the other factions may not share your views, and will become enemies.

The Commonwealth is a dangerous place, so it is important to take care of good equipment. Unlike the previous parts, here, in order to wear a certain armor, it is not necessary to adjust the parameters of the character to the equipment. We are talking about power armor — here it is presented in the form of a separate design, which requires a nuclear battery to work. As damage is received, the armor will break, but it can be easily repaired in any workshop — they are located in friendly large settlements and gas stations.

As a weapon, the protagonist can use both pre-war/ military weapons and homemade ones. Repair of broken guns faded into the background, giving way to full-fledged crafting and pumping equipment. the same goes for armor — it can be created and improved.

The gameplay was slightly stretched by the construction of settlements — the player, if he supports the Minutemen, needs to create and protect settlements where survivors from the wastelands can come and live.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins is the first part of the reboot of the famous franchise about the Brotherhood of Assassins. The game takes place in the 40s BC, when there was a power struggle between Cleopatra and Ptolemy in Egypt. The main character, Bayek from Siwa, loses his son in a bloody battle with the priests of the Order of the Ancients. Here they are an analogue of the modern Templars, because they pursue similar goals.

This is the first game in the series in which transitions between locations, including the Curse of the Pharaohs add-ons, are absolutely seamless. Each city was recreated with the help of documentary data — the developers carefully studied the archives — especially those in which monuments and architectural structures were depicted before time mercilessly destroyed them. As a result, we got a wonderful Alexandria, magnificent Siwa and other equally impressive landscapes.

The combat system has also undergone a lot of changes — hidden blades have not gone away, but there have been a lot of changes in terms of open combat. Bayek can use four types of melee weapons: khopesh, sword, spear and daggers. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses, and also has a unique enhanced attack. Onions are presented in two types — ordinary and predator onions. Shooting from an ordinary bow is unremarkable, and an arrow fired from a Predator can be controlled by leading it exactly to the target. Bayeku’s shield helps to escape from a hail of arrows well, and in a normal battle it is better to use a counterattack.

Baldur’s Gate III

Baldur’s Gate III

What can fans of cool party RPGs play? After the overwhelming success of Divinity and Divinity 2, Larian Studio has nothing left to do but make a new game. But now they have made it based on the D&D Universe, namely the fifth edition.

Baldur’s Gate lll has no plot connection with the previous two parts. The developers have revived the old series in their usual mechanics, that is, in step-by-step combat. However, the dialogues here are more lively, the characters communicate with each other through more lively scenes, and the outcome of the battle can be completely unpredictable.

The Outer Worlds

After Obsidian released Fallout New Vegas, fans expected a little more from them. But even the most ardent fans were not impressed by the new RPG with a pseudo-open world in the first person. A large number of mechanics are taken over from Fallout. Dialogues are long and rather tedious out of place.

But there are also those to whom the game has gone. Perhaps they liked the futuristic atmosphere, the storyline and the difference in locations. Although the locations seem linear, they differ from each other externally, as well as the creatures living on them.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

A fascinating western from Rockstar, which tells about the adventures of Arthur Morgan. After Arthur Morgan and his team, led by Dutch, left Blackwater, they decided to settle in St. Denis. The rogue lifestyle begins to bother Arthur, and he decides to settle down by marrying the girl he loves. But the past continues to haunt him.

The main character again faces the problem of choice, he has to make a difficult decision. As in GTA, in Red Dead Redemption 2, players can do whatever they want, while using unique combat techniques and traveling through colorful locations in North America. If it was the TOP PC games, this game would take pride of place in the top five. Very much sunk into the soul.

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3

How many thousands of keyboards and mice were smashed by gamers trying to pass Dark Souls 3 against walls and tables. The third part features excellent graphic execution, as well as new monsters that are not easy to defeat.

Each mob has unique attacks and its own level of health, and believe me, the developers have taken care of the bosses pretty much. Each leader has special tactics. To kill at least one of them, you need to study his combat mechanics, get used to his attacks, and perhaps for the tenth or fifteenth time you will be able to kill him. But as soon as you think that everything is behind you and breathe a sigh of relief, the second phase awaits you.

If it was the TOP single-player games, then the creation of Fromsoftware could occupy a leading position in the list.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

The first console exclusive in the RPG genre, which successfully migrated to the PC, tells the story of the heroine Eloy. She was in the Nora tribe when they were attacked by hostile Karkha. After that, the elders send her to search for answers and explore the world.

And the world here, I must say, is created just great. From snowy and frosty mountains, to mercilessly scorching sand underfoot in an arid region. The opponents here are machines — mechanisms similar to animals that were supposed to be part of terraforming, but turned against all living things.

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Japan is engulfed in a civil war, during which the opponents do not disdain any methods of achieving the goal, including the summoning of demonic forces. The main character here is a Lone Wolf warrior who loses his arm during the war. But this does not prevent him from skillfully wielding a katana and applying one amazing skill.

According to the idea, the main character, having died once, can leave his body, and, having misled the enemy, attack him from behind and destroy him. As is customary in games from From software, locations designed in a gloomy style are waiting for you.

Cyberpunk 2077

After a successful trilogy about the Witcher, CD projekt Red releases a futuristic first-person RPG Cyberpunk 2077. The game takes place in 2077 in the city of Night City. Here you will meet with different gangs, participate in brawls, races, as well as an unusual storyline, during which the main character learns a lot of new and interesting things.

And, of course, it will not do without fateful decisions. As you complete various tasks, the story of your hero will be built up. So choose wisely.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

This part of Assassin’s Creed tells the story of the Viking warrior Avor, who helps his friend Jarl to establish contact with the Christian rulers in England. It is there that Avor encounters the Brotherhood of Assassins, and also learns some of its secrets.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla came out bigger than all the previous parts combined. Huge maps, locations and the content they are filled with allow the player to explore quite vast territories, as well as take a direct part in the fate of this world.

Dead Island

Dead Island is an excellent indicator of how the combination of a paradise resort town and a mysterious laboratory in which biological weapons are produced can end. Literally overnight, the island of Banoy was engulfed by a terrible epidemic that turns people into bloodthirsty zombies.

Only a few managed to survive. Among these few were four people who were immune to the virus. Using this feature, they helped the survivors on the island, creating weapons, pumping their skills and actively using their special skills.

Mad Max

The world as we knew it has ceased to exist. The green lands dried up and turned into endless desert dunes. People lead a wild, almost primitive way of life, divided into groups. But there is one and only one that all other gangs are afraid of, regardless of the number of people in them, and gradually crushing everyone else under itself.

Max, who lost his wife and daughter in this nightmare, is trying to find his place in this world, surviving in the desert, collecting resources and helping those in need. However, the fanatics who deprived him of the most precious thing do not want to leave Max alone and pursue him. Max fights them off with firearms and hand-to-hand fights. You can navigate through the open world of Mad Max with the help of a car, which can also be improved and pumped.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

A year after the release of Origins, Yubisoft presented a new part of the Assassins, which sends the player to Ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian Battle. Events develop four hundred years before the Origins, so you can forget about the presence of the Brotherhood. But at that time there was already an organization that wanted to enslave humanity. They are called the Cult of the Cosmos. They’re dangerous and powerful, just like the Templars.

The main character here can be either a woman or a man — Cassandra / Alexios. In this part, the narrative is more devoted to family showdowns. But the gameplay has become more diverse — a large number of weapons and attacks related to it have appeared. The armor has received stats of characteristics, so now the vestments can become more than just cosmetic attire.

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