how to build a drip irrigation system with your own hands

The cottager is sleeping — the business is boiling in the garden: how to build a drip irrigation system with your own hands

Summer is the time of dachas and vegetable gardens. To harvest a good harvest, you need to work hard. Watering plants takes the most time and effort. In order not to walk for hours with a watering can or hose on the site, there are special watering systems on sale. However, not everyone can afford them. The minimum cost of such an installation is several tens of thousands of rubles.

But experienced gardeners assure that it is not necessary to buy expensive equipment. To make a watering system really with your own hands. The “Most useful program” learned about how to do this.
How to make a drip irrigation system from plastic bottles

Igor Gladnikov from Pushkino near Moscow made a watering system from the most affordable materials. To do this, he just needed the usual five-liter plastic eggplants and ear cleaning sticks. To begin with, the craftsman cut off the tops of the bottles, and cut the ear cleaning sticks in half. Igor inserted them into small holes that he drilled in the bottom of the container.

“Water immediately dripped from the ear stick. So that the water does not drip so intensively, the ear wand needs to be pulled inwards. Thus, there will be less dripping,” the craftsman shares his experience.

It remains only to place the baklashki in their places — according to the capacity for each plant. In this case, the container must be deployed with a hole to the stem of the seedlings.

“What is convenient about this homemade product — when the water runs out in the tanks, it is not difficult to replenish them with water again,” the gardener describes the advantages of the invention.

By the way, there is another way to make a watering system from plastic bottles — in addition to containers, you will only need straw.

First you need to dig a hole 25 centimeters deep and level the bottom. At the bottom of the bottle, from two opposite sides, it is necessary to make two small holes with a diameter of 1.5 millimeters. Then — install each container in the hole so that the holes are turned to the stems of the plants.

In the end, the holes need to be covered with straw, fill the hole and seal the soil from above. It remains only to pour water into the bottles and close the lids. Done.
How to make an automatic irrigation system from PVC pipes for cottages

But Artem Baranovsky from the Belarusian Mogilev decided to approach the issue of watering the garden technologically. He came up with an automatic water supply system. And you can control it using a mobile phone.

First of all, according to the master, you need to install a container with water on a hill — so you can get the necessary pressure. To do this, Artem poured concrete into four pillars and welded a frame for a container with water from a metal corner measuring 65 by 65 millimeters.

After that, the summer resident stretched two hoses to the tank — one for water supply, and the second for wires. It remains to lay pipes directly on the beds.

“As a result, it looks like this: in the center of the bed there is a polypropylene pipe with a diameter of 20 millimeters with holes in which I inserted short pieces of hose with sprayers at the ends, under the trunk of each plant. I adjusted them in such a way that a small identical jet flowed out of each — both at the beginning and at the end,” explains the master.

But the most important thing in this system is the ability to turn on and off the water remotely. To do this, according to Artem, only two elements are needed — an electric valve and a GSM relay. You can buy these parts on the Chinese marketplace. It is cheap and easy to connect. For communication, a regular SIM card is suitable, which you just need to insert into the relay.

“I am sending SMS messages to the number of the SIM card that is installed in the device with the command to turn on the first relay. I wait a few seconds for the sms to arrive. As a result, the tap opens — an SMS came from the device that the first relay is turned on,” the craftsman describes the process of controlling the system.

The system is turned off in the same way — a command is given via SMS, the tap closes after a few seconds, and the owner receives a corresponding notification.

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