Top 10 films of August 2023 of the US film distribution

Top 10 films of August 2023 of the US film distribution

It’s time to look into the overseas schedule of film premieres, and find out what kind of films were in the top 10 films of August 2023 based on the rating of expectations, picked up by the aggregator IMDb. Considering that soon the lion’s share of blockbusters from the above list with the help of vigilant pirates will appear on the screens of our cinemas, it will not be superfluous to learn more about the masterpieces.

Another thing is that not every movie has a sufficiently exhaustive synopsis. Some film companies prefer to keep the plots of their future “movie bombs” under the strictest secrecy. But some information about them still leaks to the people.

In the beginning, as usual, we will announce all the premieres in the order of release on the screens of the list. And this is how it will look this time:

  • Collective (USA) action movie, August 4
  • Till Death Do Us Part (USA) thriller, August 4
  • The last Voyage of Demeter (USA) horror, August 11
  • Jules (USA) Fantastic Comedy, Drama, August 11
  • Blue Beetle (USA, Mexico) fantastic action, adventure thriller, August 18
  • Landscape with an Invisible Hand (USA) drama, fiction, August 18
  • White Bird: New Miracle (USA) family Adventure drama, biography, Military, August 25
  • Golda. Judgment Day (UK, USA) military Biographical historical drama, August 25
  • Hill (USA) Biographical Sports Drama, August 25
  • Spy on the Whole Head (USA) dramatic comedy thriller, August 25

And now you can start a more detailed analysis of the “tens of the strongest”. Review of the pictures included in the top 10 films of August 2023 in the USA

As can be seen from the list above, this time three thrillers, three science fiction films, a couple of action films, a couple of war films, four dramas and a couple of comedies were among the top ten in terms of the expectation rating of films of the August western rental, and in some cases the genres voiced complement each other.

But the honor of opening the August rental in the USA goes to the action movie with the participation of the inimitable Ruby Rose…

1. Collective (USA)

Collective (USA)

Genre: action movie,
Release Date: August 4

But the main role here will not be played by her, but by Lucas Teal, more familiar to the general public from the roles of Alex “Havok” Summers in “X-Men” and MacGyver in the unsuccessful five-season remake of the series of the same name. Let’s see what’s in the trailer.

The main charm of trailers is that they are spectacular. The main disgusting feature is that nothing is clear from them. This video is no exception. But we will try to clarify the essence of the future picture.

And the essence of it is such that some particularly weighty and intolerant members of society have become very stressed by the fact that some criminals and villains very simply leave the courtroom, acquitted or having received some ridiculous fines. In their case, they are covered either by good friends in high circles, or money, or the fact that they are under the hood of the CIA, which uses them for some of its affairs, and at the same time allows them to do their dark business longer. In particular, such “selective justice” is not to the liking of prosecutors, who are only straining in vain.

And the above-mentioned persons dissatisfied with the current state of affairs decide to organize their own organization, a certain “Collective”. His goal is to deal with the elimination of particularly arrogant and arrogant villains and criminals who get away with all their atrocities.

The main character here is a young killer of the organization Alexander Himself, who successfully passes training and test “tests”, after which he is assigned the first task in his life – to deal with a certain leader of the criminal group Miro Landel, who, among other things, is engaged in human trafficking.

And somehow at once the first business is not going too smoothly for him. After all, the damn villain is stirring up his affairs with the tacit consent of the CIA…

2. Till Death Do Us Part (USA)

Till Death Do Us Part

Genre: thriller,
Release date: august 4

Next on the schedule in the top 10 of the best August films of the US rental is a picture that, according to its plot, would be perfect for our top of the best films about hunting people. Since the bride who has changed her mind about getting married here, the groom with friends and relatives will open a real hunting baiting with a paddock and everything else. Let’s see what’s in the trailer.

According to the trailer, it can be seen that the actress of Ukrainian roots Natalia Bern, who was not particularly favored in Hollywood before, looks very good in the role of a hunted and angry bride. Despite the fact that her appearance is quite feminine and unflattering, she kicks and waves her fists in such a way that only be healthy. In connection with the shooting training, her abilities are quite at the height to repel the crazy cretins who decided that driving and picking up the bride after her refusal to go down the aisle is now a matter of honor.

Well, it will be very unpleasant for some here to realize the fact that the loss of life directly means the loss of that very honor. After all, where is the honor here to die at the hands of a victim, and not even some rabid Marine, as in “Difficult Target”, but from a woman who frankly sent you to everything before this in front of everyone.

Eh, our groom and his friends did not watch the picture “I’m going to look for”. But in vain. Maybe they would have made certain conclusions for themselves then.

3. The last journey of “Demeter” (USA)

The last Voyage of Demeter

horrors, august 11

We all know (probably) that the very Dracula, who was invented and whose adventures were described in his novel by Bram Stoker, was carried to England from Transylvania for a reason. It was not for nothing that he lured that poor fellow Jonathan Harker into a trap. Although there won’t be a single word about him here.

According to the plot of the novel, after Dracula received everything he needed from his London “realtor”, he left it for his daughters-in-law to profit, and himself, lying down in a box with earth, ordered this box with a bunch of other similar ones to be sent where it should be, that is, to the very London that our the count has been so fired up lately. The boxes arrived in Narva, where they were loaded onto the Russian ship “Dmitry”, which for some reason became the “Demeter”, and on it he calmly sailed to England. There were still a lot of adventures waiting for him there, but there won’t be a word about that here either.

In the novel, it was casually described that Nosferatu climbed out of his box at night and feasted on the sailors, so much so that by the time he arrived at the place, only the captain remained on his feet at the helm, and even that at the moment when Dracula in the guise of a wolf left the ship, he died. It is this diabolical voyage that will be covered in this horror film.

Here they promise to show us in every detail how delicious Dracula was, and how deadly scary the sailors were. However, it detracts a little from the interest that, alas, we all already know the ending.

But the creators of the picture suspect that some people would like to know the details of this journey, nevertheless, even despite the fat Stoker spoiler.

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4. Jules (USA)


Genre: fantastic comedy, dorama,
Release date: August 11

Flying past our planet for some business of his own, the alien ship of one alien weirdo had a place not to share space with a security satellite, after which he made an emergency landing in one backwater town of the American outback, turning the lion’s share of the farmlands of another weirdo’s land holdings, only already – an earthling, a local troublemaker – an old man Milton Robinson, from whom the city authorities, as well as the neighbors, never rest.

While everyone is always silent at meetings and everyone is satisfied with everything, our Milton every time has a whole package of rationalizing and not very, as well as stupid and not very proposals that everyone has long ceased to pay attention to and take them seriously. Therefore, when at the next meeting he raised the question of who would restore his losses due to the fact that an alien ship landed in his garden, no one responded with an ear. Everyone took it for another nonsense of an old senile.

And so the alien, who was nicknamed Jules, stayed with Milton. He won’t throw it away. The man, though white, is alive. He likes apples. Little by little, other villagers began to learn about Zhul and his extraordinary abilities. And the hour is not even when the special services will come for him to take both him and his trough for experiments.

Well, are you ready for a new and improved version of “Alien”, in which the alien will be saved not by kids, but by old farts?

5. Blue Beetle (USA, Mexico)

Blue Beetle

Genre: Fantastic action, adventure thriller,
Release date: August 18

The cinematic universe of DC superheroes is expanding. A new “player” is introduced into it – the Blue Beetle. No, he’s not blue because he’s always drunk. It’s just really blue. And this hero received his abilities not by irradiation, bites of some creatures, and not even because of merging with alien creatures. It’s just that a super suit descended on him “from the sky”, in the literal sense of the word. And it is due to this very costume that our hero, a simple young American with tolerant Latin roots, Jaime Reyes, will become a superhero whose abilities will be on par with Marvel’s Iron Man or even with the abilities of Carol Danvers herself.

It’s not clear yet what the hell the alien scarab beetle forgot, which actually turned out to be a kind of super suit rolled into standby mode with an interface built into it and all sorts of gadgets on our planet. It is also unclear yet what attracted this bug to the boy Reyers. But the beetle dug into his spine precisely to him, immediately waving around him a suit with an exoskeleton and a set of “built-in household appliances”, through which he now became alone – like an army.

The possibilities of the costume are truly limitless. In it, he can not only perform combat missions without fear that the suit will run out of ammunition, and the exoskeleton will have a battery charge. He can go into space in it, dive into the bottomless depths of the oceans and, of course, if necessary, he can always roll it up, pretending to be a sucker.

One thing is unclear, what kind of combat tasks he will have to perform in his first solo album. But we don’t have long to remain in the dark.

6. Landscape with an invisible hand (USA)

Landscape with invisible hand

Genre: drama, fiction,
Release date: August 18

The action develops in the near future, in the reality of the Earth, which was visited by aliens. Moreover, the aliens are not belligerent, and not even greedy, but ready to share technologies with earthlings. The only thing they need from humanity is that people give them the opportunity to… study themselves and observe themselves.

And they especially like to watch people express their feelings. And, of course, most of all they like to watch the development of love relationships between couples.

The main characters of this fantastic film of August 2023 will be older teenagers Chloe Marsh and Adam Campbell, who, having met in art classes, decide to try to earn money by relaying their emotions and feelings to aliens. Pretending to be in love, they cling to their whiskey chips with repeaters and start playing love, earning good money.

But, here’s the bad luck. One of the aliens who picked up their broadcast, hooked on it and paid for “feelings” discovers that he was impaled. It comes to him that the love feelings that the couple Chloe and Adam broadcast to him are fake. And he, having descended to Earth, threatens to file a lawsuit against them, in view of which several future generations of their families will fall into a real debt pit.

What should our bewildered heroes do? Maybe try to fall in love for real?

7. White Bird: The New Miracle (USA)

White Bird

Genre: family adventure drama, biography, military,
Release date: August 25

This film is a kind of spin-off of the 2017 film Miracle, based on the novel by American writer Raquel Jaramillo Palacio, who, with a budget of $ 20 million, managed to cut as many as 300 from the audience at the global box office.

The film told about the difficult school life of a boy with a disfigured face from birth, who underwent heaps of plastic surgery but remained with severe defects. It is clear that his fifth-graders began to mock and mock him with might and main. For the time being, of course, until an event occurred that changed the attitude of others to the poor guy.

One of the “mocked and mocked” then was the hero of this very spin-off – the boy Juliagn Albans. It was his storyline that the creators of this picture decided to continue.

So, in connection with the events described above, the guy moved to another city, where his grandmother visits him. And it is her story that we will hear and see in this picture.

An elderly Jewish woman will tell him about how she survived during the Second War in Nazi-occupied France, and how her classmate and his father and mother hid her from the Gestapo.

To be honest, the plot was not even close to the original story in its content. But the creators are absolutely sure that the audience will go to the picture.

Well, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for them.
8. Golda. Doomsday (UK, USA)

Military biographical historical drama, August 25

This is a story from those times when sane rulers still stood at the helm of states, and no less sane politicians and public figures sat in governments, whose opinions were listened to, and whose opinions really meant something. Moreover, many of them actually managed to make history. But not with the help of mistakes and sycophancy, as is now customary among the majority of figures from European states, but with the help of will, intelligence and loyalty to their states and the people who inhabit them.

The action will unfold in 1973, at the height of the so–called “Yom Kippur War”, when a coalition of Arab states, and to put it bluntly – Egypt, Jordan and Syria simultaneously took up arms against Israel, trying to regain the lands they lost following the results of the Six-Day War of 1967. Despite the fact that the coalition had a gonor to the skies and ambitions wider than the ocean, Israel then again did well to punish everyone who opposed it, and as a result, direct intervention in the conflict between the USSR and the United States was needed to stop the “outrages” in the Middle East. 7 divisions of the Soviet Union’s airborne troops were already ready to be sent to the conflict fronts, and the Americans seriously uncovered their long-range bombers, whose forces presumably the US Air Force wanted to inflict nuclear defeat in the conflict location.

At the center of this military biographical film will be Golda Meir, the first and only ever female prime minister who stood at the helm of the Israeli government at that difficult time. It was on her shoulders that the difficult task fell to hush up the conflict so that the Third World War would not flare up, and Israel would win.

The picture is not particularly spectacular, but apparently worthwhile. It is always interesting and instructive to observe the lives of great people.

This is especially true of the leaders of modern European states.

9. Hill (USA)

The Hill

Biographical sports drama, August 25

Baseball is not so popular in our country. Moreover, the majority of Russians still consider this game to be a kind of Russian folk Lapta. Anyway, it is extremely popular in North America. That’s why the lion’s share of sports dramas filmed in Hollywood is dedicated to her and the players who play her. As, for example, in this case.

In our country, interest in the picture can flare up only because one of the leading roles here, as stated, was played by the popular favorite Dennis Quaid. And here he will have to play James Hill, the father of the main character – Ricky Hill, to whom fate gives a chance to make a career in sports, in baseball, because he is an excellent pitcher, and the best teams of the Premier League began to look at him in his youth.

The problem is that they don’t quite get along with their father. And this is despite the fact that the father is ill, and despite everything, care is required for him. I wonder how their dramatic resolution of family problems will happen? From Ricky’s biography, we know that his career was a success with a capital letter. He still plays, now – in the “Pittsburgh Pirates”, although this does not mean anything to us.

But, still, how did our guy manage to break in two at the start of his career?

10. Spy on the whole head (USA)

Dramatic comedy thriller, August 25

And the top 10 of the best film premieres of the United States of the United States is completed by a comedy thriller with Kevin Spacey himself, who, after the court verdict, seems to have made at least some progress in his career as a film actor. Apparently, at least we think so, this picture will be on the level of the last action movies with Bruce Willis before he retired for health reasons. But the fact that Spacey will star here for the first time after his “cancellation” in one of the main roles is already fueling interest. Will he slide down to the level of Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, the same Bruce Willis and other old men who decided to go to third-rate firms as unnecessary, or not?

By the way, here with him in the same team will also be the once famous actress Rebecca De Mornay. And the film itself will tell about the heroine of Jet Gendreau – a girl named Sam, who for the time being lives her boring boring life of a real estate salesman in a small town, until after her soul in this place, where every stranger is like an eyesore, Kevin Spacey’s mysterious hero – a man named Peter, appears who begins to make inquiries about the girl through just the same heroine Rebecca De Mornay – Brenda, who also works as a realtor and is Sam’s senior colleague and friend.

I wonder what this mysterious Peter needs from a young woman?


This is the end of the review of the pictures that got into the top 10 films of August 2023 of the US film distribution. Next week we will begin to cover the August TV series in detail. First, let’s talk about those that have been extended for the next seasons, and then we’ll move on to the premieres. In the meantime, let’s say goodbye. Have a nice trip to the cinemas, a peaceful sky over your head and even more cool movies and TV shows on the Internet!

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