Unraveling the Mystery: Filming Locations of "Faithfully Yours"

Unraveling the Mystery: Filming Locations of “Faithfully Yours”

Netflix’s 2023 thriller, “Faithfully Yours,” directed by Andre van Duren and featuring Elisabeth Lodeizen and Paul Jan Nellisen, weaves a gripping tale of deception and its consequences. While the film keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, curious minds also seek to discover where this intriguing story unfolded.

In this article, we explore the filming locations of “Faithfully Yours,” offering a glimpse into the picturesque landscapes that provided the backdrop for this Dutch chiller.

South Holland, The Netherlands:

The majority of “Faithfully Yours” was filmed in South Holland, a captivating province situated in the western part of The Netherlands. Bordered by the North Sea to the west and neighboring Utrecht and Gelderland to the east, South Holland boasts a diverse range of landscapes.

The region is known for its emphasis on agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, and horticulture, creating a unique blend of natural beauty and industrial charm.

Notably, Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, is located in South Holland, adding a vibrant urban element to the filming locations. The city’s distinctive features and diverse neighborhoods were utilized to capture different aspects of the story, providing a dynamic backdrop for the characters’ intricate web of deceit.

The area has gained recognition within the film industry, as evidenced by the filming of the comedy thriller “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” and the renowned Rotterdam International Film Festival. South Holland’s versatility as a filming destination is showcased in “Faithfully Yours,” as it offers a mix of urban landscapes, coastal scenes, and other picturesque settings.

Exploring on Instagram:

For further insights into the filming process and specific locations used in “Faithfully Yours,” one can explore the Instagram account of Bracha van Doesburgh, who portrays the deceptive temptress Bodil in the film. Van Doesburgh’s account offers glimpses behind the scenes, including images featuring various settings, such as a potential beach scene that may have been filmed in South Holland.

Some of that of the Movie was filed in Belgium too.


While “Faithfully Yours” captivates audiences with its intricate plot, the film’s captivating visuals owe much to the enchanting filming locations in South Holland, The Netherlands. The province’s diverse landscapes, from urban cityscapes to coastal beauty, provided the perfect canvas for this thrilling tale of deception.

As viewers immerse themselves in the twists and turns of the film, they can appreciate the remarkable settings that brought the story to life, leaving an indelible impression of South Holland’s contribution to this Netflix thriller.

Picture Credit to IMBD

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