What you need to know before going to the hairdresser: 6 useful tips and rules

What you need to know before going to the hairdresser: 6 useful tips and rules 💇♀️

Do I need to wash my hair before a haircut? We are discussing this and other nuances that should be taken into account when you go to the barber shop.

Many people are used to doing procedures with their hair at home (well, you know, my mother started painting many of them when she was a teenager), but one day the very moment comes when you decide to go to the hairdresser for a haircut or coloring. So that you are fully prepared, we have collected the most important rules and tips that should be taken into account before going to the salon. Read to come to the master fully armed and not be embarrassed at the wrong time!

Wash your hair before going to the barber shop 🚿

wahing hair
A woman taking a shower and washing her hair.

The Google query “do I need to wash my hair before going to the barber shop” does not lose its relevance 🥴 We already had an extensive article telling about all the nuances of washing my hair before the barber shop, so you can look into it, but now let’s dot the I: it’s better to come to the master with clean hair, but not washed just now. With hair washed in a day or two (if long and /or curly) before the procedure, it is easier to work if it is, for example, about styling: they are less crumbly and hold their shape better.

“What if I don’t have time to wash my hair?” It also happens. Of course, it will be unpleasant for some people to work with very greasy or greasy hair, but usually beauty industry workers are seasoned people, and your case is hardly the most terrible thing that the master has come across, so don’t be afraid and don’t cancel the recording! If the master sees fit, he can wash your hair in the salon, but keep in mind that this will require additional costs 🚿

Sign up for the salon in advance 🎎

Some girls are wondering whether you need to sign up in advance or you can break into a barber shop, as they say, “from the foot” 😅 Let’s say this: if you just need to trim the tips, and we are talking about going to a salon a la “Viola” in a sleeping area on the first floor of a five-story building, then you can come to such institutions and without recording.

But be prepared for the fact that if you ask for something complicated, the result may not satisfy you.

And if you need to do a complex coloring, for example, shatush, balayage or airtach, then it’s better to sign up in advance. Such procedures require a lot of time, so the master needs to calculate his schedule in order to have time to receive all clients. Some girls can sit in a chair from 5 to 8 hours, so save both your time and the time of the master — choose a free “window” for your needs in the salon schedule in a timely manner.

Prepare a photo of the desired result 💁🏻♀️

It is better to prepare your wishes in advance than to make a choice already in the master’s chair (especially if the master is unfamiliar to you). Therefore, look for photos of the desired haircut or coloring, so that it is easier for the master to navigate visually, and not in words.

A little tip from funembassy: prepare not only a photo of “what exactly is yes”, but also a photo of “what exactly is not”. So the master will be able to navigate even more accurately.

Control the process itself and it’s better not to take risks with the choice of hairstyle if you go to the hairdresser for the first time. If you don’t know the master, don’t ask to do something extra—experimental right away, because you don’t need any extra disorders, and then, when you “find” your hairdresser and get used to salon procedures, you can decide on a bolder haircut or coloring.

Be ready to tell the master about what you did with your hair before ❓

The history of your hair is an important point that a good master will definitely focus on. Be ready to tell about your previous experience of coloring/keratin /haircuts. Maybe you’ve lost money with the salon in the past or burned your hair at home? A good master will not only take this into account during the procedure, but also help you choose the right care 🧼 By the way, about care…

Laying or other additional services may be included in the price🧴

Alas, many masters charge an additional fee for styling with a hairdryer, arguing that “nothing will be visible without styling,” if at the beginning of the session they do not have time to warn that styling is not needed. Of course, for someone it is unprincipled, but also someone will not want to spend extra money.

And, most importantly, it is not always clear whether the master is drying or is already starting to do an unsolicited styling 🙄 So if you are in a situation where you have to control your expenses, then warn that there is no need for an additional paid styling with a hairdryer 🙌🏻

And, of course, a separate point — “care”, which is smearing the hair with some kind of indelible, which you did not ask for, but which magically materializes in the receipt and costs “a pretty penny”, Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary irritation and bad mood, specify in advance the cost of all the nuances of the procedure and, if necessary, give up what you need. no need.

Do not hesitate to say if the result did not suit you 📣

Nice hair
Young woman with long straight hair. Lovely and gorgeous woman. Portrait of an attractive female posing at studio. Closeup face of a beautiful girl with makeup smoky eyes.

Of course, it is better to control the work of the master in the process and, if anything, direct him, but sometimes (for example, with coloring) the result that does not suit you is visible only “in fact”.

In that case, don’t be silent! Discuss your displeasure with the master, and if there has already been a classic story from the category “I just need to trim the tips” — “okay, how do you like your new square?”, then you have every right to demand a discount or refuse to pay for low-quality work. Defend your rights! 💋


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