When will the filming of Kerem Bürsin's series begin?

When will the filming of Kerem Bürsin’s series begin?

The star of the series “Knock on My Door” will soon delight fans with their return to the screens 😍

It was recently revealed that Kerem Bürsin will be returning to the screens. Fans understood this after Turkish media reported who his new partner would be. It turned out to be the talented actress Hafsanur Sandzak Tutun, whom viewers recognized from her role in the project “Between the World and Me.”

However, the girl received more criticism than recognition and love, but that didn’t bother her, as there will always be dissatisfied people 🤔

The company Ay Yapim decided that Kerem and she would look particularly harmonious on the screen. And it seems that the actor shares the same opinion.

Currently, the star of “Knock on My Door” is finishing shooting a commercial for Turkish Airlines, and immediately after that, he will start working on a new project whose title and plot are still unknown. However, the month when the work will begin is known, which is already exciting 😍

According to journalists, Kerem Bürsin will start filming with Hafsanur in June. The actor chose this month because it’s easier for him to work during the summer. So it is quite likely that the company will manage to shoot the entire series.

Moreover, the project will be a summer series, which means episodes will be released every week, and the wait won’t be long. Let’s wish Kerem and his charming partner good luck and high ratings so that we can enjoy their acting for as long as possible 😌

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