Gangs of Lagos Part 2

Will there be Gangs of Lagos Part 2?

The trending question around the movie gang of Lagos is a possible part 2 or conversion to season.

Known to all, Gangs of Lagos is a movie placed in the same category with Brotherhood which features Falz as well as Tobi Bakre. Meanwhile, there as been rumors of whether the movie will continue (have part 2) or not.

Considering the fact that the relationship between Jadesola Osiberu and Amazon Prime video is long term, which could also be renewed, then a sequel to the movie Gangs of Lagos is very much Possible.

A thorough analysis of the movie showed that, there are several suspense that preach the continuation of the movie. Well, this is common with many movies written by great writers. Judging from the last scenes from Anikulapo, Brotherhood and Blood Sisters, movies considered having great humor like Gang of Lagos, they also reflects possible continuity which is already visible in Anikulapo.

What’s the movie all about? The movie describes the power given to gangs by politicians and how the two influence the activity of the community. There is no doubt that the movie is true reflection of the activities of the early Lagos and it’s politics.

What were the suspense found in The movie “Gangs of Lagos”?.

1. The scene where Teni and Obalola were stopped by London Son and the gang members showed that Teni has her own gun and can make use of it, because she pointed the gun at one of the gang members. Recall also that, earlier before this particular scene, Obalola said to Teni that she has changed. Meaning that there more to look out for from Tani. In fact an adage from Yoruba Origin in Nigeria says (Omo Oka, Oka lon Jo – means that a baby Cobra resembles its mother) The deeper meaning is that the a baby Cobra when matured will be as deadly as its mother.

2. Another Suspense is also between Obalola and Teni. The second to the last scene showed that, Gift shot Kareem and He dropped from the height on a car. At that moment Tani saw him and looked up and saw Obalola. The point here is that, There’s a likely assumption by Teni that Kareem was Killed by Obalola.

3. The Third suspense is the last scene where Obalola met with Blessing. The true picture in this chapter of the movie is to show the ability of Obalola to become The New Eleniyan. Moreover, i don’t think, he has a competitor for that position. However, should the movie continue, he is going to be faced with loads of tribulations from Blessing and Teni.

Different Frequently Asked Questions about the Movie

Faq 1: Who acted Terrible in Gangs of Lagos?

Answer: He is popularly known as Black Kamoru (came to limelight with his funny interpretation role for the the popular skit maker). His real name is Kamarudeen Yusuf.

Faq 2: Will there be a sequel/ part 2 of the movie?

Answer: There is no direct statement from Amazon Prime or the Director of the movie that it will continue. However, continuity is very possible and we have converted it above.

Faq 3: Does Gangs of Lagos has any Glitch?

Answer: As much as Nollywood has taken a new turn to making great movies, there cannot but be a little glitch, which is not totally absent from Hollywood movies either. So there are Glitches in the movie.

One of the Glitch is when Kazeem fell from the top of the building on a car. The movie showed that nothing happened to the car which is not possible in real life.

In fact, any object that has half of the weight of Kazeem will distort the top of the car.

Another Glitch is when things were been explained to Obalola about Ify’s death. It is not possible for London’s gangs to see the killing at an angle depicted by the movie Editors because of the nature of the road.

Faq 4: Did Kazeem and OLOROGUN really died in the Movie?

Answer: Yes Kazeem Died but the Movie did not show the death of OLOROGUN and who killed him.

Facts about my answer: It I’d not possible to be shot at Heart and also fall from such height on a metallic object and not die. This is the true proof of the death of Kazeem. However, OLOROGUN’s case is different. If such a prominent and powerful person is to die, there will be a special scene for his death and he will be killed by one of the main characters in the movie.

This is why I believed that OLOROGUN was not killed in the movie “gangs of Largos”.

Faq 5: Can Ekun, London’s Child and Obalola (who is meant to be the new Eleniyan) co-exist in the community.

Answer: The answer is Yes and No. Yes because, they’ve just fought together to get rid of their cooperate enemies. No because Ekun and his gangs are too big to be controlled by Obalola who is meant to be the new Eleniyan.

Note: Should the movie continue, there’s a lot to look out for.

Faq 6: Which movie is the best between Brotherhood and Gangs of Lagos?

Answer: Brotherhood is the best between the two movies. The story line of the movies are different but the main characters from the two films were played by Tobi Bakre. The Humors in Brotherhood and the acting were top notch compared to Gangs of Lagos.

Facts to back up the answers: In terms of Cinematography, brotherhood tales the lead with different stunts and all. However, when it comes to how relatable the story lines are, i will give it to Gangs of Lagos. In all, we have our own sides of the movie that we love, so I’ll suggest you state your own points below

What do you feel about it too?x

Faq 7: What is the Rating of Gangs of Lagos?

Answer: It is Rated 6/10

Faq 8: Did lagos state Truly calls out the promoter of the movie over misrepresentation of Culture?

Answer: Yes, Eyo was used in a questionable way in Gangs of Lagos and Vanguard News Paper reported that Lagos state Government see it as mockery of the culture of the Land.


Note: Most of the points mentioned above are direct analysis of the movie and also reflects the view of the writer. Thanks

You definitely have a lot to share too, about gangs of Lagos. Why not express your mind in the comment section below. Thanks once again


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